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As a writer myself, i admire reading other werewolf stories. This one is by far the most romantic and creative story i've evr read! this story was well planned and well written. If it were a novel i'd read it over and over again!! This story is a very descriptive story, wich is a great quality in writen work, and writers. I give it a 10 hands down!!! So if you'd like to keep writing... i will read all the stories you write! I mean you're a great writer and that's a good career choice. I hope you accept this critique as a reminder to help you keep writing.
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JoeyLiverwurst Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks so much, Bianca! This is actually the third story I wrote about Frank and Heather, in case you're interested. I'm touched you think it's so romantic. :)
your welcome :) and i totally thought it was romantic
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